Welcoming angels, unaware
May the unexpected guest always be a welcome one

Hospitality: this is what the word xenia means. Xenos refers to both guest and host, and the relationship is a sacred one, according to an old saying common to a great many Mediterranean and European traditions.
Xenos thus means whoever opens his or her home, and also whoever arrives there, by crossing the threshold. Thus, in the theatre and in the arts, xenos refers to both the performers on stage, and to those who are watching and listening.

Xenia, Performing Arts Ensemble for the Internationalization of Artists, is a Puglia-based network of artistic professionals engaged in cultural experimentation, production, and distribution in the field of the performing arts.

Xenia’s objective is to develop a path of artistic internationalization through the promotion and exchange of cultural productions and good practises.
It is a network of creative enterprises aimed at fostering the creation of operational instruments for the cultural supply chain, and able to take innovative action in new global settings, so that culture and the arts may contribute – without interruption – to re-establishing community.

Xenia’s founding partners are Astràgali Teatro, Abusuan, and the Italian Centre of International Theatre Institute.