The myopia would never return. The foreigner would never return to her. So strong a myopia – a strength she had always called weakness, infirmity.
And so her strength –her strange strength – had been revealed to her, retrospectively, at the very moment when it was taken from her.
Do you sighted people know how to see? Do the non-seeing know how to see otherwise? What do we see?
And we do so wish to see, don’t we? To see we wish to see- perhaps we have never wanted anything but to see? (
from Savoir by Hélène Cixous)

It is a scene in which the stories of three women are interwoven. Veils are revealed and unveiled. Myopia is the first metaphor of a gaze out of focus, out of time. It is a myopia of the soul, a myopia of history, in which the body of the three actresses opens a small, sensual gash. The ways out of the maze of abnormality, of the absence of desire, lie in the blossoming of listening. Of hearing. A path amid music, and the sensual, sinuous movement of a silent dance, of an ancient song.

The show is inspired by Hélène Cixous’s Savoir.
Hélène Cixous is known worldwide for her dream of a neuter that is not at all neutral. The dream is that of an androgyny that introduces the masculine and the feminine as a possible place, as a locus to be invented, like a theatre, where a small smile warms the astonishment of a new gaze. It is the work – an assembly – of a theatre company that discovers the thirst for life, which opens a new theatre of the heart.


– SHOW (duration: 1 h)
Veli – Inspired by Hélène Cixous’s Savoir
Written and directed by: Fabio Tolledi
Featuring: Lenia Gadaleta, Roberta Quarta, and Simonetta Rotundo
Production: Astragali Teatro
General organization: Ivano Gorgoni


    Veli - Xenia Performing
    Veli - Xenia Performing
    Veli - Xenia Performing
    Veli - Xenia Performing
    Veli - Xenia Performing