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From 3 January the international project of Astràgali Teatro, supported by the European Union Program ‘Creative Europe’, started. It will be carried out in Italy, Greece, Netherlands and France, with a series of activities that will involve artists, researchers, professionals and will bring to the creation of a multilingual performance , directed by  Fabio Tolledi.

The project focuses on some forms of  theatrical traditions present in the countries involved, such as the Italian tradition of ‘comedy’, Ancient Greek drama and comedy, the storytelling tradition, and the meaning of these traditional theatre forms in contemporary multicultural urban contexts. The project features the implementation of a range of artistic activities, based on international mobility, exchange of artists and works of art as well as on audience development actions, that are combined with a participatory research. The activities are realized in Italy, Greece, Netherlands, France. It intends to make assumptions on how theatrical traditions have changed and on how to communicate today the different European theatrical forms within the current socio-cultural context, marked by the creative and cultural industry. The forms of theatre are constantly transformed, subjected to all kinds of influences and drives. Performativity has always represented an effective key of interpretation in identifying the processes which mediate the construction of sense on the part of a given society. The performance indicates first of all a practice of the bodies, a practice apt at producing a critical redefinition of the surrounding reality. The contact and confrontation of different theatrical practices may have a great, innovative impact in terms of renovation of methodologies, of aesthetic approaches, of use of diverse technical means, of opening to different cultural backgrounds. An extraordinary kaleidoscope of artistic forms that get into contact through a practical joint work of masters, keeping the flow of change and putting them into a real connection with the socio-cultural changes.

Theatrum Mundi- a journey through European Performing Arts is a project of Astràgali Teatro  supported by the Creative Europe Programme. Project partners are:  University IUAV of Venice MediaLab (MeLa) – Venice; Italian Centre of International Theatre Institute – Lecce, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens-Art and Speech Lab;  Theatro tsi Zakynthos, Maison d’Europe et d’Orient – Paris; Stichting DW-RS productizes – Amsterdam. With the support of International Theatre Institute Directorate General, Xenia-Performers Ensemble for the Internationalization of Artists