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Metamorfosi for the “I Canali” nature park in Vignacastrisi (Lecce), within the Protected Area of Parco Otranto-Santa Maria di Leuca.
This is the special project that has brought Astràgali Teatro into collaboration with Espéro, a spinoff from Università del Salento, this coming 22 to 30 July.
This time, the path of Astràgali Teatro’s three-year engagement with Ovid’s Metamorphoses has become a theatrical residence, and at the same time an opportunity for dialogue and confrontation.
Every evening, in fact, starting 22 July, the work will end with a conversation “around the myth”: guests, along with the actors and actresses in residence, theatre scholars, philosophers, journalists, and writers.
Along a line of work established over the years, the Parco dei Canali residence confirms the tendency towards a theatre willing to “become nature,” wagering on the power of the word and song, on the irrevocability of gesture, and on the living human/living non-human relationship as an inexhaustible carrier of knowledge. In this relationship, the viewer becomes a guest, a witness to the work “as it happens,” to life as it changes.
The theatrical work in the fold of nature, at sunset or sunrise, illuminates the very words of Ovid’s poem with a new light.
The project’s key moment will be the show’s presentation on 29 July.
Fabio Tolledi is both playwright and director; the project features Lenia Gadaleta, Roberta Quarta, Simonetta Rotundo, Petur Gaidarov, Onur Uysal, and Hamado Tiemtoré.
Music by: InSintesi- Alessandro Lorusso, Francesco Andriani.